My name is Venkata Narasimhulu and I am a Microsoft Solution Consultant, I am effort in Web Application, Windows Application, Distributed Application, Enterprises Application.

My Specialties in Lead and develop custom .NET , provide architectural support and IT strategy to new and existing clients, design and develop workflow systems, create and manage software development life cycle document.

Hope you enjoy reading.

Venkata Narasimhulu.

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  1. Regarding our conversation we had today morning.I have learnt ria service,rest,controls ,odata and other topics.I am stuck with MVVM.
    i would like some material on mvvm with very basic example sir.Also i have a small doubt in MVVM.

    public ObservableCollection Questions { get; set; }//original collection without value.

    public void FetchQuestions()
    ObservableCollection q = new ObservableCollection();
    q.Add(new Question() {Text=”What is 2 + 2 ?”, ActualAnswer=”4″ });
    q.Add(new Question() { Text = “What is 9 – 2 ?”, ActualAnswer = “7” });
    Questions = q;//stores value back to collection

    they have created 2 observable collectsion 1 is Question and and another is q
    why do they store the observable collection q wich has the values in observable Collections
    instead of doing this they can directly use q in view page but instead they store q in Questions
    and use Questions in viewpage.
    this is because i see this being done in all collection binding concept for mvvm in silverlight

    2)for every field we declare in model we have to get and set it in view model and also add
    NotifyPropertyChanged(“field name”); for every field.I understand this part
    but in some applications pls consider this example

    public string Experience { get; set; }

    private string empName;
    private string designation;

    public string EmpName
    get { return empName; }
    if (empName != value)
    empName = value;
    RaisePropertyChanged(“EmpName”); for empname field raise properytchanged i understand
    RaisePropertyChanged(“EmpIntro”);//why EmpIntro field raise properychanged method is included here(it is supposed to be in empinto field but it is here)


    public string Designation
    get { return designation; }
    if (designation != value)
    designation = value;
    RaisePropertyChanged(“Designation”);// for Designation field raise properytchanged i understand

    RaisePropertyChanged(“EmpIntro”);why EmpIntro field raise properychanged method is included here

    public string EmpIntro//why this raises no property changed event
    get { return empName + “===” + designation; }
    3)Could you give basic example of mvvm with line explanation for only 1 example

    thank you

    with regards,

  2. hi venkat,

    Very Good Site I have one question in asp.net

    I want to generate random number for 10 digits

    I want out put like this

    up to

    Plz send the code its very urgent

  3. Hello Venkata, You are really doing Great Job…! All are Information are Knowledgeable for us, Thanks ! Keep it up…!

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